Ahead of his forthcoming remix collaboration with D-Funk of 8 Bit Society‘s brand new single Escape on CENTRL Music, Mr. Doris joins us today for an exclusive interview.

Mr Doris is something of an anomaly in music. A humbling example of what it takes to truly succeed within the framework of multiple fields. With a steadfast work ethic, an obsessively extensive vinyl library and the willingness to pursue the full extents of his roots (Latin, Soul and Jazz), foundation (Funk/Hip-Hop) and future (Electronic/Dance music) without any restraints.

Production wise, Mr Doris has worked with reggae legend Sizzla, Nightmares On Wax, DJ Vadim, Groove Armada and jazz greats The Baker Brothers, whilst his tracks have recently been championed by Red Bull and Seth Troxler in promotional campaigns.Signed to the mighty Jalapeno Records, Bomb Strikes, Midnight Riot and Let There Be House imprints, his many styles of music can be heard from the boombox to the dance floor.

Introduce yourself in a few sentences. 

Hello, Iʼm Mr Doris, Iʼm a DJ and event curator plus music producer and  remixer originally from London but have lived most of my life on Ibiza.  

Is there a story behind your artist name? 

My family name is Doros and kids at school nicknamed me Doris. I put the “Mr” in front of it. 

Do you have any other aliases past or present?

None I would divulge in public. 

Early Influences: 

What first sparked your interest in creating music? 

I guess it was a natural progression from DJʼing. Wanting to make people dance to my own music as well as others. 

Name three artists who inspire your sound.


J Dilla 

Mike Dunn 

Performance and Passion: 

What track do you love to hear on a club system? 

This cheeky little nugget of bass that D-Funk & I made that looks set for release in ʼ24.


Tell us about your first performance opportunity and how it fuelled your passion. 

My first “performance” was playing house parties back in the mid to late  90as then progressed to bigger “free” parties, clubs and bars. One such  memorable event (albeit hazy) was in a quarry, on a cliff edge, on the  south coast of England. The whole thing was spectacular but when I  played the sunrise set, I felt that this was my path. Making people happy in  the dance is the best. 

Studio Insights: 

What is your favourite piece of equipment in the studio?

Iʼm very antiquated and just like playing around with the keys. Iʼm not very tech savvy at the best of times. 

Whatʼs your thoughts on sampling? 

Absolutely love it. I come from the hip hop school of thought and without  sampling, there would be no hip hop. 

Industry and Labels: 

Are there any labels you frequently feature in your sets/playlists?  

Jalapeno (who we are also signed to) 

Sonar Kollectiv 

Razor n Tape 


Heavenly Social 

Tru Thoughts 

Heavenly Sweetness

List is big! 

How do you nurture your industry relationships? 

Treat people nice. Same as any relationship. Itʼs pretty simple. 

Club and Festival Culture: 

What excites you about club or festival culture? 

The (usually) positive energy that can be found when arriving to a  location where people are letting go of their troubles by dancing and  living in the moment (which sadly is becoming rarer). 

Share your favourite clubbing memory

Far too many to mention and Iʼm old now so difficult to pinpoint! As a  clubber perhaps dancing at the early raves in the 90s. As a DJ closing the  Space Terrace here on Ibiza. 

Advice for Emerging Artists: 

How would you encourage emerging artists wanting to break through?  

Stick to your musical principles. Itʼs very hard not to follow the trends  that are making money but if you follow your heart (and not the  spotlight) then youʼll get there in the end. And if you donʼt, thatʼs okay  too, at least you know you did it on your terms. 

Personal Insights: 

Share something unknown about you. 

Itʼs not “unknown” but definitely not common knowledge that I used to  be an archaeologist.

Provide an outlandish rider request (be creative)

2 x left handed CDJs 

Musical Preferences: 

Which song do you wish you’d written? 

I donʼt wish I had written any track! My favourite pieces of music would  e different if they were written by me. 

However I do very much love and admire this: 

Name three tracks you couldn’t live without

Marvin Gaye – Funky Space Reincarnation 

Soulphiction – B3B4URD1 

Mr Doris & D-Funk – Cruise Control 

Music is… (explain more) 

Anything and everything. 

Future Plans: 

Tell us about your plans for 2024.

DJ gigs all over the place from Europe to central and south America as well as Australia and NZ. Usual Ibiza craziness including my Pacha residency. But in general actually taking my foot off the touring pedal as just  started working on my first solo album and wanting to spend more time  with my wife and son. 


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