The first day of IMS Ibiza 2024 started in a packed indoor summit room with hosts Pete Tong and Jaguar welcoming thousands of delegates, before plunging into the IMS Business Report. In business terms, the report showed that the past year has been one of solid growth – not the dramatic post-COVID bounce-back of ‘22, but a strong, more uniform surge across everything from live events to publishing. In cultural terms, the research showed there’s clearly still work to be done to make sure every part of our community is equal in terms of opportunity and appreciation.

And the IMS Ibiza 2024 theme, ‘Rebuilding Our Community’ resonated throughout the day – in the Brave Space, where HE.SHE.THEY, Downtown and FUGA warmly welcomed delegates with a Break the Ice Session, to Alpha Theta General Manager Mark Grotefeld’s passionate opening keynote about finding purpose as a company, to the pivotal discussion of IMS ibiza 2024: Rebuilding Our Community: How To Bring Back Peace, Love, Unity + Respect, where a group ranging from DJ Pierre to agent Maria May – and unerringly steered by AFEM’s Georgia Taglietti, looked especially to the lessons we’ve forgotten from the acid house era – and how we can apply that spirit to today’s more corporate culture.

In a similar vein, Pete Tong helmed a frank and fascinating interview with Abel Matutes Prats, CEO of the Palladium Hotel Group and scion of a family who have been a major force behind the tourism and nightlife in Ibiza for decades. Covering everything from the scene’s intense rivalries to how young people are being priced out of the Island, this felt like a genuine ‘only at IMS Ibiza’ moment that pulled back the curtain on the power makers in the industry. We also were treated to a scoop: Ibiza’s biggest club, Privilege, will be revamped, renamed, and reopening in 2025.On a more nuts and bolts industry tip, Beatport lifted the lid on the new streaming reality, from its benefits to DJs and artists to the new scams to watch out for, while ‘The Future Of Artist Deals and Contracts’ was a deep insight from leading lawyers into how everything from AI to the rise of single track deals is changing the structure of deals. These two talks alone were genuine potential moneymakers – or savers – for industry pros.

In the Art Of Areté space, presented by AlphaTheta, the focus was as ever on wellness and mental health in an industry where too many people still stay up too late and work – and play – too hard. DJ Chloé Caillet was on hand to give her insight into the balance of self-care and artistic success, while the breathwork, addiction and nutrition sessions offered genuine insights for delegates to take away.In weather news, a chilly start gave way to blazing sunshine by the afternoon, and by sunset, the HelixUltra, and Change The Beat events were buzzing with delegates dissecting the day, catching up, and looking forward to tomorrow’s even more packed Summit – beginning with Areté’s nature walk at first light.