Today we are joined by the Legendary Australian DJ and Producer Anthony Pappa.

Considered one of the Australia’s biggest electronic music exports, Anthony has been instrumental over the last 30 years in the contributing to the electronic music industry, crafting mix compilation albums for series such as Global Underground, Renaissance, Balance, Platipus Records, and DJ Magazine, with over 100 releases credited under various guises.

Selling over 500 000 records, singles and compilations, Anthony has consistently raised the bar in Progressive House and electronic music globally, earning his revered status amongst fans and DJs alike.

Introduce yourself in a few sentences.
My name is Anthony Pappalardo. Known as DJ Anthony Pappa. Born in 1973 in Melbourne, Australia.

Is there a story behind your artist name? 

My nickname at school was Pappa. It’s very common here in Australia for people to shorten your surname. So l was Anthony Pappa to my mates and that stuck with me as my DJ name.

Do you have any other aliases past or present? 
Early Influences: 

My early aliases were Freefall and Pappa & Gilbey. I now just use my Anthony Pappa name for productions. My early influences were Dave Seaman, Sasha & John Digweed.

What first sparked your interest in creating music? 

I have always considered myself as a DJ first and a producer second. DJing is my love and passion. It’s a natural progression for DJ’s to become producers. My first introduction to a studio and creating music was in 1996 when l started working at DMC in the UK. DMC paired me with studio engineer Alan Bremner and we began our music journey under the name Freefall.

Name three artists who inspire your sound. 

Dave Seaman, Sasha and John Digweed. I mentioned that these three were my early influences and they continue to inspire to this day.

Tell us about your first performance opportunity and how it fueled your passion.
I started as a mobile DJ at the age of 13. I had the passion from the get go. It’s all l wanted to do. I was obsessed with being a DJ. As soon as l was 18 legal clubbing age l had already secured residencies in Melbourne’s biggest and best venues playing 3 nights a week.

What is your favourite piece of equipment in the studio? 

Pioneer V10 Mixer.

What piece of kit is on your wish list?
I am very content with what l have and do not wish for anything.

What’s your thoughts on sampling?
Everybody samples. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s what you do with the sample and how you use it that counts. The Music Industry is a tough business. Be good at what you do and stay true to yourself.

Are there any labels you frequently feature in your sets/playlists? 

It really depends on what’s new at the time when putting playlists and sets together. Some of my favourite labels are Selador, Bedrock, Last Night On Earth, Crosstown Rebels, Sum Over Histories, Innervisions and Kompakt.

How do you nurture your industry relationships? 

I have been involved in the music industry for 37 years so a lot of my connections and contacts with labels, promoters and other DJ’s are now considered as longtime friends. Keeping up to date with music, promos etc is important as is having good social and communication skills. Being nice and a good person always goes along way.

What excites you about club or festival culture? 

I look forward to all my gigs no matter how big or small they are. I love both club gigs and festivals. Playing to an intimate crowd in a club is always nice for the more personal connection with the audience.

Share your favourite clubbing memory. 

It would have to be my monthly residency that l had at Twilo in New York.

How would you encourage emerging artists wanting to break through?
These days the best way to break through is by producing music. The music that you produce and release will be noticed more than you as a DJ. You should spend a lot of time practicing and learning your craft/skills as a DJ and Producer (it won’t happen over night. This takes time, many years). Support the events and venues that put on the nights that you would like to play at by attending and making face to face contacts. You need to be there to be seen and to be taken seriously.

Share something unknown about you.

I was a drummer before l became a DJ.

Provide an outlandish rider request (be creative). 

This is the short edited version
500 M & M’S. Green Ones Only
A Coke Zero Slushy Machine (Inserted above right over CDJ3000)
2 Llama’s (Big eyelashes) (One black, One grey)
1 Box of confetti saved from Kylie & Jason’s Neighbours Wedding.
4 Orange scented Arabian candles (Organic only)
1 Smurf (PAPPA)
2 Flanelette Shirts, Hand woven from the hills of the Tasmanian Slopes.
1 Signed autograph T-shirt from Karrem Abjul Jabar. With certificate of authenticity.
1 1978 Beta video recorder, Mark 11.
1 Tennis lesson from Bjorn Borg.
1 McDonalds uniform and hat.

Describe yourself using a famous quote. 

When the needle drops the bullshit stops. 

Which song do you wish you’d written?
Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy

Name three tracks you couldn’t live without.
Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy

The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea

Leftfield – Song Of Life

Music is… (explain more)
My life, my love, my passion, my everything.

Tell us about your plans for 2024.
I have compiled and mixed an album with Steve Parry for Seldor Recordings. The album is titled showcase 19 and features 19 tracks that we signed to the label for this mix. It will be released as a streaming mix on Apple Music and Spotify on the 3rd of May. Gig’s wise l have bookings in Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico and South America to take my DJ diary up to the end of 2024.

Anthony Pappa’s Latest Single ‘Nothing To Hide With Jamie Stevens And Alice Rose Is Out Now On Selador Recordings

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